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i'll just upload elsewhere.
There's no reason to be making my work loyalty free to a bunch of haters.

A person with a life wouldn't go and give every single one of my beats a 0 and rate everyones positive reviews negatively. Don't you have anything better to do?

after the next beat, it'll be some time before i bring out another set, i'm one that likes to upload a nice chunk of new material at a time instead of doing it piece by piece. you guys should really check out my work and see what you think by leaving a review. thanks if you do NG community.


and i'd really appreciate it if you guys took the time to check my beats out and left some reviews, i'd really appreciate it.

Got my new headphones!

2009-03-09 04:38:44 by DJLoneWolf

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. get ready for some slightly better tuned beats!